Friends of the Alliance

Friends of the Alliance help lead our community organising.

This is different to a donation, which you can also give here. Friends of the Alliance contribute an annual fee to help fund the alliance, and gain access to training, working groups, member correspondence, and other opportunities. The annual fee for Friends of the Alliance is $180 annually, but if you have the means you are welcome to contribute more in a show of solidarity with our purpose.

This can be paid via entering $180 in the custom amount in the box adjacent, or an equivalent monthly amount of $15. For those who can afford it, feel free to share your generosity with a higher amount!

As a Friend of the Alliance, you will have access to:

Once you have use the form to the left to pay your membership fee in a one-off, or multiple, payment, please see the information in your follow-up email about next steps.  

Thank you for your support and for taking action for our communities!

Being a Friend of the Alliance

If you join as a Friend of the Alliance now, you'll help us build people power in the Hunter. All contributions are valued and appreciated. Your financial contribution will help fund the community organising, training, and leadership opportunities that you will be invited to take part in.

Follow the steps in your confirmation email after completing the membership fee to start getting involved. If you simply wish to contribute a donation, please use this  donations page.

HCA is primarily funded by 22 member organisations, and the individual donations or Friends of the Alliance contributions by people just like you.

Hunter Community Alliance is led by a council of leaders from local civil society organisations: see our members here. Our organisation is currently auspiced by Sydney Alliance (ABN 33 128 428 286), which is a tax exempt non-profit organisation. It does not have DGR status. Please contact us if you have any questions about this governance arrangement prior to making your donation.